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Karamay Hotel

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Karamay Hotel

Karamay Hotel is a four-star establishment covering 13,525 square meters. It has received several top Chinese officials. The hotel has 132 rooms and 220 beds, including deluxe suites, business suites, mini-suites, deluxe single rooms, single rooms, mini-rooms and twin rooms. It provides 16 private rooms in three dining halls offering different cuisine. In the hotel, there are five conference rooms for business negotiation, lectures and conventions. The biggest room can accommodate 300 people at one time. It also has a business center, a souvenir shop, a hairdressing and beauty salon, a VIP club, a gym and a board game room.

Karamay Hotel Karamay Hotel

Address: 96 Youyi Road, Karamay

Tel: +86 990 6875 555

     +86 990 6883 192