Urumqi attractions

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Updated: 2011-08-15

Red Hill

Urumqi attractions

Red Hill/ Photo from http://bbs.xjxian.com/bbs.php


A park with a steep hill of red rock in the center of Urumqi. Some exercise and views. Gardens and woods. Next to People's Park. Overview Red Hill Park is basically in the center of the city of Urumqi and is easy to find since the hill is noticeable with a nine-story red brick pagoda called Zhenlong Pagoda on top. It is uncertain when the pagoda was built.

In the evenings, the hill might glow red in the sunlight. After a short but steep climb on a stairway, you can see the tall buildings nearby in the downtown area and the woody area of People's Park across a highway.

Besides a panoramic view of the city, places to exercise, and the brick pagoda, the park has lots of water, shade trees, a Ferris wheel, a Buddhist temple and amusement park rides.

The park is a fun place to go. Admission is free, but you have to pay for rides and stuff. There are some trees and gardens, and you can cross the road to nearby People's Park. It has more shaded walkways and trees to stroll around in.

Touring Activities

Climb Red Hill.

Ride some amusement rides.

Stroll around and go over to People's Park.


Travel Essentials

Location: Hongshan Mountain lies at the intersection of Hongshan Road and Hetan Road in Urumqi.

How to go there: Many buses including Bus 1, 17, and 52 go there.

When to go: When it is warm from May to October is best.