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Vibrant dance festival showcases Xinjiang's rich cultural heritage

Updated: July 25, 2023

Xinjiang, known as the "Land of Song and Dance," hosted the sixth China Xinjiang International Dance Festival on July 20. Six dance troupes from both domestic and international backgrounds captivated the audience with their splendid performances.

Since ancient times, Xinjiang has been renowned for its vibrant dance tradition. People from various ethnic groups here are passionate dancers who use dance as a medium for communication and storytelling. Dance has become an integral part of people's lives and has given birth to numerous outstanding dance pieces through their exposure to the arts.

This year's festival showcased four Xinjiang performances, including the Chinese dance dramas Zhang Qian and Five Stars Rise in the East, a musical inspired by ancient Chinese mythology A Thousand-Year Promise to Kunlun, and the poetic dance drama An Old Soldier's Story. Their performances presented the artistic charm of Chinese culture, displaying the grandeur and spirit of China to the world.