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A fusion of dance and football in Xinjiang

Updated: August 17, 2023

[Video provided to seexinjiang.com]

At the 13th Taoli Cup National Dancing Education Performance of China, Li Feng, a talented dance teacher from Xinjiang Normal University, took center stage with his captivating performance. Inspired by boys playing soccer near his home, Li beautifully combined Xinjiang's ethnic folk dances with the energetic movements of football players.

This year's Taoli Cup was an incredible opportunity for students from across China to come together and showcase their talent. With 200 programs across six different dance styles, including classical Chinese dance, Chinese folk dance, ballet, and contemporary dance, the event was a true celebration of dance in all its forms.

Li's fusion of dance and football not only underscored his creativity but also highlighted the diverse dance culture of Xinjiang. By incorporating traditional ethnic dance with more modern elements, Li and his students from Xinjiang Normal University left a lasting impression on the audience.